About blades

Chip Notch 

  • Double gullet design removes more sawdust
  • Creates larger chip particles
  • Excellent for hardwood and frozen wood
  • Available in 1" x .035 x 5/8"

 Super Sharp DuraTooth

  • Aggressive 8 degree hook angle tooth profile
  • Extra stiff body allows for faster sawing
  • Superior performance in hardwoods
  • Works good in soft and green wood

Super Sharp Magnum DuraTooth

  • Aggressive 8 degree hook angle tooth profile
  • .055 blade thickness for rigidity in the cut and ultimate performance - our fastest sawing blade
  • Superior performance in hardwoods
  • Works good in soft and green wood

Ultra 10

  • 10 degree hook angle tooth profile
  • Low cost / High yield blade
  • Works well in hard, soft, green, and aged timber

Xcel Black

  • Stout 10 degree hook angle tooth profile
  • Exceptional general purpose blade
  • Works well in hard, soft, green, and aged timber

We make blades for any machine:

  • Cook's Sawmills and Resaws
  • American Bandsaw
  • Angle Boss
  • Baker / Enercraft
  • Brewer
  • Brewco
  • Clarke
  • Crosswoods
  • Cutting Edge
  • Delta Saw
  • Dyna-Tech
  • Fastline
  • Grizzly
  • G-Tek
  • High Point
  • Hudson
  • Husky
  • Kasco
  • Keener Built
  • Linn Lumber
  • Logmaster
  • Mister Sawmill
  • Norwood
  • SMG
  • TA Schmid
  • Timberharvester
  • Timberking
  • Woodmizer
  • and many more...

Experience the difference... run Cook's Super Sharp™ bandsaw blades today!

To order Cook's Super Sharp™ sawmill blades, simply go to our online store or call us toll free at 1-800-473-4804

"The Super Sharp has cut my blade expense tremendously. I went from spending $1,500.00 a month in band saw blades to under $600.00! I'm saving over $900.00 per month cutting the same product. I wouldn't run anything else..." Tony ~ a Super Sharp customer from North Alabama

"The Magnum Super Sharp™ blade made a world of difference in our production. We are producing 1,000 bd.ft. per hour with just two men. I would be lost in the woods without the Mag blade." Ruben Schwarz - Harrisville PA

"Well we're having more of a problem keeping enough logs on inventory because our production has come up since we're using these blades. So keep up the good work and I'm going to make more sawdust (and profits)." Jacob Schrock - Timberview Sawmill

"Wanted, Super Sharp band blades, no other blade will do!" Burkholder Family Sawmill - Wilton, WI

"I just received 10 of your Super Sharp blades and had a chance to use them today. All I can say is they are the best blades I have ever used and they last forever. Keep up the good work." Dan Webb - PA

"I have run 5 types of blades on my mill. After trying your Super Sharp blades I have doubled my run time. It is a pleasure to business with your company and office staff." Dugan Lawn Service - Arrington, VA

"I'd rather saw hickory with a Cook's Super Sharp than saw white oak with a (other brand) blade." J.D. Wood, Gold Hill Farms - VA

"Super Sharp blades are better than advertised. I love the way they cut and will continue to buy more." James Riley - Bridgetown, Barbados

"I used one of the super sharp blades to cut a very hard dead wild cherry tree and I cut the straightest board I've ever cut.  I also like the sawdust removal."  J.Webb - Porum, OK

"I've tried several different types of blades and the Super Sharp are absolutely the best I've ever seen" Jeff Furby - Plymoth, N.C

"Just wanted to let Tim know we have broken our cutting record twice this month using Super Sharp blades." Sunrise Lumber - Mio, MI

"Nothing compares to the Super Sharp blades. It is like adding 5hp to my mill. Super Sharps have almost doubled my feed speeds." C.Lambert - Zolfo Springs, FL

"I've been using your super sharp blades. They are the best blades I have ever seen.  We have been cutting white pine and the super sharps cut through it like cutting through butter" David Wilson - Minneapolis MN

"These Super Sharp blades don't know when to quit, they have made sawing fun again, thank you for making such a quality product" Joe Borntrager - Shipshewana, IN

"Super Sharp blades cut like nothing I have ever seen before!!  It is like a hog eating slop - you just can't give enough to them!" Joe, Ida Machine and Tool - Mt.Ida, AR