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  • Cooks Grade Lumber Resaw

    Grade Lumber Resaw GL-40

    Start making money producing grade lumber with a Cook’s GL-40 Grade Lumber Resaw. The Grade Lumber Resaw is capable of producing 10,000+ board feet per day. Features:• 40hp Electric Power - ample power for speed• 16” Wide Feed Bed -...

  • AC4449 Wide Cut Portable Sawmill

    AC4449 Wide Cut Portable Sawmill

    Want to saw larger logs on a fully hydraulic portable sawmill? Look no further! The AC4449 will saw boards up to 44" wide all with the ease of hydraulic powered functionality while still be portable! Features: 49hp Yanmar diesel engine 44" Wide board...

  • PR-6 Pallet Resaw

    Pallet Resaw

    The new Cook’s PR6 Pallet Resaw was built to help you make money. Loaded with operator friendly features like a variable frequency drive, easy crank handle bed adjustment, and a fully balanced blade drive package, the PR6 can produce consistent...

  • Cooks Board Edger

    Portable Board Edgers

    Need to trim rough cut lumber? We have the thing for you! Edging boards with a board edger is a highly efficient way to solve your problem. Adding an edger to your operation adds efficiency and production because edgers increase the board ft. yield to...

  • Grapple closed


    Cooks Grapples These heavy duty grapples are great for moving small logs, brush, lumber, pipe, and more.Built heavy duty and rugged with solid plate steel these grapplers are made to do work.Choose from the UHD72 & UHD84 1/2” plate models or...

    $2,294.00 - $2,984.00
  • Cooks Trailblazer


    Cook's Trailblazer Turn your skid steer into a tree trimmer and brush cutter. The trailblazer’s three blade system powered with a stout hydraulic motor will make fast work of trimming fence rows, over hung limbs, and heavy brush. Easy to hook up...

  • Cooks Cat Claw automatic band saw blade sharpener


    Cat Claw Automatic Sharpener

    Your band blades are the heart of the sawmill. If they aren’t right then your mill is not producing.There are several light duty sharpeners out there that physically just can’t give your blades the precise sharpening, and accuracyof the...

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  • Single tooth setter for setting teeth on a bandsaw blade


    Single Tooth Setter

    This is as accurate as it gets! The Cat Claw Setter can set blades from 3/4” to 2” wide. Tablemount push lever allows 850psi of pressure with the simple push of a handle. Blade deflectionis pressed out as the sliding steel block moves forward...

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  • Blue ceramic grind rock


    Blue Grind Rocks

    All of our grind rocks are of a premium quality and choice comes down to finding a rock that works with your grinding technique. Blue Ceramic Rocks: Blue ceramic for medium to light stock removal. Only requires light, infrequent shaping. Our most popular...

    $20.64 - $22.94
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  • Ruby Grind Rock

    Ruby Grind Rock

    All of our grind rocks are of a premium quality and choice comes down to finding a rock that works with your grinding technique. Ruby rock - Premium ceramic grit. Porous bond. Medium stock removal. This rock is a little harder than our blue select...

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  • Black Grind Rock for use on the Cooks bandsaw blade sharpener

    Black Grind Rocks

    All of our grind rocks are of a premium quality and choice comes down to finding a rock that works with your grinding technique. Black rocks - Aluminum oxide grit.  Tight bonded grit. Medium to heavy stock removal. 5" od 1/2" id  For a video...

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  • Smith Resaw

    Smith Resaw

    Used Smith Resaw 8" Wide capacity 15hp Three phase on the blade 1hp Three phase on the belt feed 1" wide blade capacity Location: Alabama - Cook's Saw Call and ask for Robert

  • MP-32 Portable Sawmill


    MP-32 Sawmill

    The Original Heavy Built Sawmill Cut lumber for your house, barn, fencing, horse stables, furniture, and everything in between with a portable saw mill. It’s affordable to start cutting logs into lumber with an MP-32 Band Sawmill. The MP-32 comes...

  • Cooks HD3238 Portable Sawmill

    HD3238 Hydraulic Portable Sawmill

    A hydraulic mill at the right price! The HD3238 portable sawmill is built upon the heavy duty frame construction found in our manual MP-32 sawmill model which incorporates 6x3x3/16" main frame beams coupled with a rigid, no flex 4-post head. This mill...

  • Dual tooth setter for setting the teeth on bandsaw blades


    Dual Tooth Setter

    Set your bands with the fastest dual tooth setter on the market today. The handle sets two teeth on the down stroke and two more teeth on the up stroke making blade setting quick; this is double the action of other dual tooth setters that only set on the...

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  • Cooks AC-36 Portable Sawmill

    AC-36 Portable Hydraulic Sawmill

    The Cook's Accu-Trac AC36 Fully Hydraulic Portable Sawmill gives you plenty of reasons why it's the best bandsaw in today's portable sawmill market. The AC-36 was designed for high production as well as being user friendly which is why it is our best...

  • Jackson Shaving Mill

    Jackson Shaving Mill

    Used Jackson Shaving Mill Year: 1987 Model: 13131-D-30 Shaver box - 55" long x 28" wide x 30" tall 50hp Cutter Head Drive 15hp Hopper Box Drive Working and currently in operation Location: Alabama   Call and ask for Robert 1-800-473-4804

  • Super Wide with 12v power feed

    Super Wide Sawmill

    The Cooks Super Wide series offers you the ability to saw extra wide slabs from stumps or large diameter trees to use for table tops, end tables, bed head boards, and whatever else you can think of.Simple to use and operate from the smooth rolling head...

  • MP-32 Sawmill Packages

    MP-32 Sawmill Packages

    Package 1 $14,161.00 (Save $222.00) 10hp Single Phase Electric 16 Foot Log Cut Log Loader Ramps - These ramps are a great help to load your logs onto the bed. Logs can either be rolled up using a 'cant hook' or log peavey or with the use of the 12...

  • AC-36 Production Package Deals

    AC-36 Production Packages

    High Production Package Only $82,105 (Save $6,423.00)AC-36 Fully Hydraulic Sawmill- 49hp Yanmar Diesel, Remote Engine Shutdown and Throttle Control, 26" All Metal Bandwheels, Gearbox Head Raising System, Dual Axles with Brakes. AE-2P 25hp EFI Kohler Gas...