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Cooks bandsaw blade setters.

Choose from either the single tooth or dual tooth setters for easy teeth setting.


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  • Single tooth setter for setting teeth on a bandsaw blade


    Single Tooth Setter

    This is as accurate as it gets! The Cat Claw Setter can set blades from 3/4” to 2” wide. Tablemount push lever allows 850psi of pressure with the simple push of a handle. Blade deflectionis pressed out as the sliding steel block moves forward...

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  • Dual tooth setter for setting the teeth on bandsaw blades


    Dual Tooth Setter

    Set your bands with the fastest dual tooth setter on the market today. The handle sets two teeth on the down stroke and two more teeth on the up stroke making blade setting quick; this is double the action of other dual tooth setters that only set on the...

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