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Cook's started over 50 years ago by Kenneth Cook. He began by repairing small blades for cabinet shops, and it wasn't long until he began servicing sawmills; hammering their head saws and repairing their strobe saws that ran in their gang rigs. During all this Mr. Cook was a full time preacher, husband, and father of three young boys. Over time as the boys began to grow to adulthood they used their sawmill experience to begin manufacturing sawmill equipment.

Now Timothy and Stephen Cook oversee and lead Cooks Saw MFG., LLC. along with their friendly staff, you can count on them to provide excellent service and saw equipment as Mr. Cook once did.

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Being in the service industry all their lives the Cook family knows that service is always the number one thing a good company can provide. We are not perfect but with all the machinery and parts we provide we are sure that you will be pleasantly surprised with our quality and emphasis on service.