The AC-36 is designed for high production and big log handling capabilities. Cutting logs into lumber has been made easy with the help of a variety of power options from electric to diesel.
The AC-36 is perfect for that 1-3 man operation looking for optimum yield from each log at high production.
Weighing in at 7,000 lbs. this mill can handle logs up to 10,000 lbs. yet it’s nimble enough to haul down the road.
The AC-36 is fully customizable depending on your particular sawing needs and we can easily help you decide which options will best suit you and your budget. 
You can also choose from one of our big money saving package deals. Give us a call today!

AC-36 Sawmill

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  • Cooks AC-36 Portable Sawmill

    AC-36 Portable Hydraulic Sawmill

    The Cook's Accu-Trac AC36 Fully Hydraulic Portable Sawmill gives you plenty of reasons why it's the best bandsaw in today's portable sawmill market. The AC-36 was designed for high production as well as being user friendly which is why it is our best...

  • AC-36 Production Package Deals

    AC-36 Production Packages

    High Production Package Only $82,105 (Save $6,423.00)AC-36 Fully Hydraulic Sawmill- 49hp Yanmar Diesel, Remote Engine Shutdown and Throttle Control, 26" All Metal Bandwheels, Gearbox Head Raising System, Dual Axles with Brakes. AE-2P 25hp EFI Kohler Gas...