AC-36 Portable Hydraulic Sawmill

  • Cooks AC-36 Portable Sawmill
  • Cooks AC-36 Sawmill
  • AC-36 Sawmill Head
  • Log Turner
  • Log Taper
  • Cant spikes
  • Gravity off load roller
  • Board drag back fingers
  • AC-36 Sawmill sawing
  • Log scale
  • Log Loader
  • Log Clamps
  • Stainless bunk caps
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AC-36 Sawmill


The Cook's Accu-Trac AC36 Fully Hydraulic Portable Sawmill gives you plenty of reasons why it's the best bandsaw in today's portable sawmill market. The AC-36 was designed for high production as well as being user friendly which is why it is our best selling production sawmill.

It is perfect for the 1-3 man operation needing full production every day turning logs into lumber and lumber into profits. It is also a true one man operation machine unlike sawmills that saw towards the operator and then drag the board back to the opposite end of the sawmill - these require an additional person for offloading.

Bring your portable sawmill to the woods or bring your logs to the sawmill. Either way, the AC-36 is designed to load, turn, square, clamp, and saw whole logs into lumber you can use or sell.

Weighing in at over 7,000 lbs. this sawmill can handle logs up to 10,000 lbs. yet it's nimble enough to haul down the road with the help of dual axles and electric brakes on both axles.  

So start producing more lumber than ever before with a Cook's AC-36 portable or stationary sawmill.


If you want a money maker at the right price that offers power, production, and reliability then the AC-36 is for you.

Quick Standard Specifications

  • Saw Head - 4x2 heavy wall 4-post head design
  • Bed Frame - 6x3 heavy wall twin beam design
  • Weight - 7,200lb-7,500lbs depending on options
  • Max Log Diameter - 36"
  • Standard Cut Length - 21ft cut

Specification and Feature details

  • Hydraulic Head Forward/Reverse
  • Hydraulic Head Up/Down
  • Hydraulic Guide In/Out
  • Remote Operating Station with 15ft. lead - this control station is attached to the mill with a swing arm so that it is part of the mill and doesn't have to be off-loaded separately. The 15ft. control lead allows you to walk around your mill when sawing to get the best view while still being in control
  • 2-Speed head/down (fast/slow) - when moving the head up or down you want the action to be quick, but as you approach the position you want to be at you need precision to stop right on your mark. With a flick of a switch you can go from fast to slow head movement which makes for time savings and precision accuracy a snap
  • Bi-Directional Hydraulic Heavy Duty Log Turner - heavy duty #120 roller chain with logs cleats for powerful, positive log turning
  • Hydraulic 8,500lb. Log Lift - four heavy duty 1/2" thick loader arms make for one rugged log loader. The aggressive foot pattern and deep pocket log holding design allows for comfortable log placement with no fear of logs rolling back off the arms as is common with other designs. Additional solid foot loader stabilizer legs give the sawmill that extra support even when dealing with the heaviest of logs
  • Hydraulic Log Clamps - Two. Positive lock log clamps or log dogs powered by strong hydraulic cylinders for securely locking your log in place. Charlynn hydraulic motor raise the log clamps up and down and can easily clamp down low enough to complete a final 1" board cut
  • Hydraulic Log Taper (toe board) - Two. Used to level up a log with a big butt end, allowing you to get the most board feet cut out of each log
  • Hydraulic Squaring Arms - Two. These heavy wall 2x2 square posts are what the log is clamped up against during the sawing process and insure a square cut 
  • Trailer - Heavy Duty Dual Axles with electric brakes on both axles not just one
  • 21ft. Standard Length Log Cut - can be made up to 28ft log length cut and still be portable. Stationary can be as long as needed.
  • Board Drag Back System - heavy duty system that brings each cut you make back to the gravity off-load roller for easy removal. Additionally, the anti-tilt extensions on the backside of the arms help level boards through the offload chute.  Capable of dragging back a 16"x16"x16ft. cant. Smaller framed mills and canti-lever headed mills simply can't do this. 
    Unlike sawmills that drag boards away from the operator which require an additional person, the AC-36 pulls boards back to the operator which allows for a true one man operation
  • Dual Lube/Blade Wipe System - the AC36 dual lube system incorporates a dense felt wicks on both the incoming and outgoing side of the log which absorbs the lubricant and cleans the blade while lubricating it at the same time. The open sight drip valves allows you to precisely control the drip cycles onto the wicks; this save money on lubricants. Other system either openly drip or spray directly onto the blade which wastes tremendous amounts of lubricant.
  • Log Scales - Easy to read and simple to quickly change magnetic scales. 
  • Board Off-Loading - 6" gravity feed roller. This simple yet helpful device helps with board removal after the cut; a powered roller also available
  • Emergency Shutdown Switch - located at the operator remote arm station for quick and easy access
  • Engine Idle Down Switch
  • Head Frame - Sturdy 4x2x3/16" tubing 4-post design. Not all 4-post heads are created equally as many are built using 1-1/2" or 2" thin wall tubing. This limits the sawmills ability to handle higher horsepower upgrades and limits the sawmill's ability to drag back cants of any size
  • Saw Bed Frame - Heavy wall 6x3x3/16" twin beam main frame. We offer one of the heaviest mills in its class while keeping it at a weight that is safe to tow
  • Bandwheels - fully balanced and true 26" all metal band wheels
  • Stainless Steel Bunk Caps - protects the frame finish and reduces markings on the wood
  • Easy access flip open band wheel covers - makes for easy blade changes
  • Cant Spikes - helps to prevent your wood from bowing, especially helpful with the last few cuts 

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Power Options

  • 30hp Electric Three Phase
  • 40hp Electric Three Phase
  • 38hp EFI Kohler Gas
  • 49hp Yanmar Diesel
  • 67hp Yanmar Diesel

Models Available

  • AC3630E - 30hp Electric
  • AC3640E - 40hp Electric
  • AC3640G - 38 EFI Kohler Gas
  • AC3649D - 49hp Diesel
  • AC3667T - 67hp Diesel

Other Options

  • Computer Setworks - The AccuSet is straight forward and easy to use with a clear readable display. Comes set up with nine standard presets but is endlessly programmable. Sawing consistent wood every time is made easy. 
  • Mill Bed Extension - Available up to a 40ft. long log cut
  • Optional Dual Log Turners for the AC3662 - Quickly and easily turn big logs with these powerful #120 chain, solid steel cleat chain turners
  • Hydraulic Debarker - dirty, muddy, and frozen logs can destroy the life of any band blade. This is where a debarker/mudsaw can pay for itself in a hurry. It is designed to cut a groove in the bark out in front of the band blade so the blade is sawing into clean wood.
  • Powered Off-Load Live Belt - handy hydraulic powered ruff-top belt will help carry sawed boards out of the lumber shoot for easy off-loading
  • Additional Squaring Arms (for short logs under 3ft, or logs longer than 21ft.)
  • 6" Resaw attachment with Return - turn your sawmill into a resaw in 15 minutes. Quick disconnect hydraulic lines tap into the sawmills existing hydraulic lines. Take your squared cants and easily turn them into pallet stock, finished boards, or beveled siding (optional beveling belt).
  • 1-1/2" or 2" blade option
  • Laser Site Guides
  • Log Transfer Deck - Load multiple logs and easily transfer them onto your sawmill bed
  • Cant Kickers - Remove square cants from your sawmills bed and transfer them onto a conveyor with the flip of a lever


7 Reasons to Invest in Cook's Portable Sawmill:

  1. Fully balanced head frame assembly - the AC-36 bandwheels, bandwheel shaft, and mounting bushing are turned and balanced as one unit so that the bandwheels run smooth and true, eliminating vibration.  Bandwheels that are turned and balanced separate from the bushing and shaft can’t be true and often are the culprit for poor blade life. This might be ok in low horsepower, low production applications but it is not acceptable otherwise.
  2. Fully Hydraulic Functionality - Major companies claim to have a fully hydraulic mill, but you will find they often power the head feed fwd/rev, head up/dwn, blade guide in/out, and debarker blade in/out, all with small 12 volt electric motors. Not only are these motors typically only available from the manufacturer but they are are a cheaper alternative to running a hydraulic component. 12 volt motors sever a purpose in lower horsepower applications so no power is drawn away from powering the blade, but when running 40hp and above on 1-1/2” and 2” blades this becomes a non-issue. The hydraulic components that we use can be purchased from any hydraulic parts supplier. Additionally, the life of hydraulic components far outlast those of 12 volt motors.
  3. Built Heavy - Sawmills take a lot of abuse while handling logs, from the loading of the log to the offloading of the sawed boards. Single rail sawmills and lightly built mills have their place and they also have their limits. There is no comparison between those and our 6x3 heavy wall twin beam frame and center support sections. The main frame of the AC-36 is capable of handling 10,000 lbs. logs yet we build the mill so it is easily capable of being hauled down the road with dual axles with brakes on all four wheels. After all, we’ve never heard anyone say they wish they would have bought a lighter duty mill.
  4. Experience - We not only build sawmills and blade equipment but we have used them in our hardwood flooring operation. How many companies building sawmills have actually used them in a real business? It’s one thing to talk about how good your equipment is and it’s another thing to know it’s good.  When you’re comparing sawmills ask if they’ve ever run their equipment to make a living.
  5. Simplicity - We try our best to build machinery that utilize common parts as much as possible. So when you need a belt, bearing, pulley, valve, or even engine parts you can typically go to your local supplier and pick one up. We do not make it a point in our manufacturing to force you to depend solely on us for your replacements parts. We always hope to be your first choice for replacement parts as buy direct from the manufacturers and are able to offer you parts cheaper than your local suppliers in most cases.
  6. Transferable Warranty - This is a major selling point if you ever decide to sell your Cook’s mill (hopefully upgrade to a bigger Cook’s mill). This includes our full manufacturers warranty!
  7. 30 Day Money Back Guarantee - We are confident that you are buying the best sawmill for your money and a money back guarantee is just another way for us to prove it. You can rest assured when you purchase a Cook’s AC-36 you are getting a mill you can put side by side next to any comparable mill on the market and out produce it hour by hour.

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